A pier leads you from the shore onto the middle deck. From there you can take a stairway to the entrance of Captain’s Place.

There are two bedrooms in this special hotel named “Orion” and “Cassiopeia”. They are in every way comfortable and especially for your relaxation. Each room has its own lavish bathroom with toilet and warm/cold water. Both rooms have a television and a radio.

“Orion” is very suited for special occasions, like a honeymoon. The room is very spacious and bright.

“Cassiopeia” is also very spacious, with a view over the water and with a sliding door to the garden.

The open garden, with removable roof, is a place where the guests can spend their free time. Breakfast will be served here as well.

The living room with big kitchen is usually private. However it is possible to book an extra room, which includes the use of the kitchen. For more information on this, please contact the captain.

The whole ship has central heating in every room. The bronze ship’s windows give a lovely view on the water, which is very fun to look at, especially at night time.

indeling captain's place